Our Favourite Facebook Recipes

It’s impossible to ignore Facebook videos nowadays, which is a blessing for us because we all love food videos here at Jinn.

We’ve done a roundup of our favourite foodie videos for you, which you can try at home this weekend:

Buzzfeed Tasty 

Tasty is our top favourite, quick, concise and drool-worthy! They’ve done vegan, healthy, unhealthy, deep fried, unique recipes that we can all enjoy. Check them out, don’t blame us if you can’t stop watching!


Proper Tasty 

Those smart people at Buzzfeed must have figured out how popular they are in the UK and made a UK Tasty! We’re so happy. You’ll find recipes that are easier to source ingredients for, and relevant to the British culture. They don’t have as many as US Tasty, but they’re getting there!


Buzzfeed Food Video

Tasty’s sibling, as we like to call them. They do similar videos with an American feel (makes sense as they’re based in the States). You’ll find your Philly Cheesesteaks and Smore’s dips on this page. Be warned oh health lovers, this page is filled with cheese and chocolate! It’ll be easier to let go of your phone with this one, their content isn’t all videos.



These videos are short and sweet. However, they do differ slightly from the above. You see, they are short and sweet for us. But for the chefs. Not so much. You could spend a lot of time creating what they do, but it’s worth it and the videos truly make it look like a piece of cake.


Tip Hero

What can we say, we have a weakness for birds eye view shots and this one is no different. The great thing about Tip Hero is the variation in recipe choice. You can make a spicy noodle dish or candy cane ornaments!


My Cupcake Addiction

It shows exactly what it says in the domain. Cupcake video galore. Massively varied cupcake recipes from baklava Ferrero Rocher flavoured. It’s sure to get you into the baking mood.


Let us know your faves in the comments!

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