Upcoming Food Trends In 2016

With 2016 just around the river bend, we’ve decided to let you guys in on the upcoming food trends in 2016. Taken from thefoodpeople (food trend experts) and Whole Foods experts we’ve collated a list of ingredients and concepts that will be hitting the culinary scene in less than a week.

This year (2015) we’ve experienced a surge in health foods, from baked avocados to cauliflower rice, we really utilised healthy ingredients to fit stubborn eaters. Will it be the same for 2016?

Yes, incredibly so! The health food trend is not dead or gone at all, in fact it’s going to get more intense with unconventional ingredients being added to menus all over the city. Seaweed is making an appearance, it’s been dubbed the new kale. Wonderful health benefits include antioxidants, high fibre, iodine and good fats. Seaweed is sustainable and hosts umami (fifth taste) so we’re sure it’s going to be a successful menu addition. We’re also going to be experiencing natural alternatives to sugar, after all, the health news this year on both meat and sugar wasn’t all that positive. 


We’ll be welcoming a new addition to the “superfood” family, Golden Berries (Peruvian groundcherry), a Peruvian berry that promises to enhance our health and is filled with anti-oxidants. Waitrose is launching their own “sprouting kit”, this will allow us to start sprouting seeds at home. Sprouting actually allows us to get the most health benefits out of our seeds, so keep an eye out. Flour is also getting a makeover in 2016, we’re going to be seeing a rise of alternative flour such as nut flour, flour made from ancient grains and legume flour.


Fermented foods are staying in our culinary pantry, and why not? They are amazing for your skin, packed with probiotics, have a long shelf life and are budget friendly. Nama even has classes on how to ferment that went down a treat at Fare Healthy this year. Why get rid of something that works?

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.48.53

If carbs and veggies aren’t your thing, rejoice! Because meat is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we’re going to be introduced to even more exotic and unusual meats and seafood with more prominence on sustainability. For example, wild-caught blue catfish and paiche will be making an appearance on our menus. Jerky will be gracing us with an improved selection in the form of bison, salmon and chicken. Most dairy and meat products consumed will be grass fed. Brazilian BBQ is making a comeback with emphasis on the BBQ meats and rice with dried fruits. We’re going to be smoking our own meats and seafood in the comfort of our own home, the trend of DIY food is actually quite poetic if you see the link between nurturing our world and nurturing our bodies.


Only time will tell for all of these wonderfully promised trends, we really hope all of them come true, for each one is progressing to a better and more sustainable future… apart from canned wine. Yes, it’s predicted that it’s a thing and going to be a big thing.

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