New Openings: January

After analysing the trends for 2016, it only makes sense to see if the hottest new restaurants in town are following suit. We’re quite excited for the New Year and all it has to offer in terms of culinary delights.

The Detox Kitchen Deli

Opening January 4th 2016, this healthy restaurant has embodied the health trend set for 2016 with exciting salads and sharing menus. Set to be the flagship deli of Detox Kitchen, their portobello mushroom and cashew nut dish utilizes the ingredients of the year. We’re hearing a lot about the carb-comeback, and Detox Kitchen is engraining that premise into their menu with beautiful promised dishes like their almond and vanilla pancakes and coconut brown rice risotto.


Grain Store Bar & Cafe 

Set for January 2016, the new cafe in Gatwick is set to change the way we travel, replacing sandwiches with salads and healthy bites, and deliciously good for you hearty meals. All meals will be served within 15 minutes, which is sure to entice travellers into opting for a healthier meal before a flight.



A second Inamo is opening in London, this time it’s gracing Covent Garden with their interactive presence. Fitting with the DIY theme of 2016, we’ll be able to order, rate, play and watch from our seats.


Le Bab

Gourmet exotic meat kebabs? Yes, please. In keeping with the alternative meat trend, Le Bab opened in December and thus became one of the pioneers of the 2016 trend. Seasonal, fresh and gourmet kebabs. Apparently, we’ll be seeing a lot more “waste-not-want-not” restaurants that utilize the entire product, reducing waste.


We’re looking forward to new restaurants opening all the time, especially in 2016. Watch out for new African flavoured dishes and restaurants that will be propping up as African flavours take centre stage in 2016.


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