Food & Film

Part of the glory of Jinn is you don’t have to leave your couch to have a blindingly delicious meal. There’s nothing like watching a movie, drooling, and realising you can have the same feeling as Sofia Vergara in that exact moment.

So we’ve collated a list of superstar movie and food combos to help you on your culinary couch journeys:


A beautiful, emotional culinary journey with hilarious conversation. The whole movie makes your tummy grumble. Especially the moment Scarlett tries that heavenly fresh pesto pasta. Oh lord. That one is a beauty. We recommend Cacciari’s. The real star of the movie is the Cubano, and the place that resembles that the most is Delancey’s, no, it’s not Cuban, but nowhere in London does a Cubano sandwich. Food for thought London food scene! If you’ve got the food truck feeling, El Burrito By Mestizo will surely satisfy your craving!


Babette’s Feast

If you excuse the video quality, focus on the writing and preparation of food, you’ll be wiping drool from your face in no time. The sound of cutlery hitting crockery, Babette pouring alcohol and setting the pan on fire, all seamless, all stomach grumble-worthy. What could possibly pair with Babettes Feast, more than Babette’s Feast? Well, we’ve tried this one and it works. Hotel Chocolat– the sound of the chocolate bars breaking down in your hand, creates a similar feeling to actual cooking- we recommend chocolate bars and brownies for this one. Indulgent and satisfying.



The scene where Remy mixes a strawberry with cheese makes us all swoon in an esculent manner, hardly any other scene compares. Seriously, this movie raises all of our confidence in the kitchen, if Remy the Synaesthetic rat can produce such exquisite (seemingly Michelin starred) dishes, what is stopping us? For this one, we recommend Whole Foods, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tescos, well any supermarket really. Go ahead, create a masterpiece.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

This is fusion, culture and food wrapped into one beautiful two-hour movie. How do you choose between such rich cuisines? French… Indian? Both delicious, both historically perfected. Gourmet, traditional, aesthetically agreeable, let’s pick! Aubaine and Salaam Namaste a perfect match. Order both, and eat it gradually with the movie, experience what they experience, but don’t forget to save a bite of each for the end.


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Ok everything, really, how can you watch this movie and not crave everything on one single plate? But let’s break it down, what is the pivotal scene here? The title makes you crave spaghetti meatballs but burgers… guys, burgers! They fall from the sky, the way the characters chomp down on them makes you feel like you’re actually eating them, those colours, that satisfying bite! Now, we recommend you pair CWACOM with Fat Burger. Unconventional? Well, you can pair them with all of the greats: Shake Shack, Boom, Five Guys, but Fat Burger really encapsulates the Cloudy burger. Proportion and satisfaction scoring is really a no brainer.





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