The Kati Roll

The beauty of living in London is the history of other cultures you discover without even leaving the city. Sometimes just walking around in the centre, you’ll unearth a cuisine that has never before caught your eye. One small restaurant in Soho has mastered the art of word-of-mouth marketing in the most rawest of forms. The Kati Roll Company has an incredibly rich background that started on the streets of Kolkatta, India.

What is a Kati Roll? A skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in traditional paratha bread. Over the years, this iconic roll has been adapted and birthed plenty of variants that now go under the name umbrella of Kati Roll. Presently, any wrap containing a filling cocooned in an Indian flatbread (roti/ paratha) is called a Kati roll.

shami kabab

Who invented the Kati Roll? Legend has it, Nizam’s (1932) in Kolkata created and sold the first “Kati roll”. They sold them exclusively for years before popularity of the roll rose, and it spread like wildfire. The name “Kati” actually came from the metal skewer that the meat was cooked on, it’s Bengali.


How is a Kati Roll made? After rolling out fresh paratha bread, the marinaded fillings (meat/ cheese/ shrimp) are placed on the Kati’s, after being cooked, they are tossed with freshly cut onions, chillies and sauces on the Tawa (griddle). Once the ingredients are cooked until the flavours have seeped into every crevice, they are placed on the paratha (or roti for you healthy people) where last-minute additions such as lime, sauce and vinegar are added.

shrimp masala

Why are you telling me this? Because we’re proud to announce our partnership with one of the most popular destinations within London. The Kati Roll Co. Their popularity has spread from word-of-mouth alone, people from all over the city flock towards them to consume one of their heavenly rolls. We’ve even heard of people ordering cabs to go and pick up a bunch of these rolls to deliver them home.

And now? Now it’s easier to taste those heavenly rolls on demand, just download Jinn on IOS or Android, or just go to our Web App!

How do you eat a Kati Roll?


Anybody who works in Soho or the surrounding areas can tell you how popular these guys are, and so unassuming too. Loyalty, community and love does a Kati Roll Company make.


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