Just Jinn It: Categories

Within the next two months, we’re not going to be psyched about leaving our front door behind and braving the blistering cold.

That’s why Jinn is here, for those nights where it’s starvation or that leftover pasta you made last week, let’s choose neither. With Jinn, order whatever you want and have our couriers deliver it in under an hour. So the option to cook for yourself is still there, just order from your local supermarket or Jinn Essentials.IMG_6011

If you’re in the take-out mood, deliver your cravings! From doughnuts to pizza, sushi to bagels, we have a vast selection to choose from on Jinn.IMG_6012

The sales are almost over, but nobody stops shopping, instead of going from sweat to shiver whenever shopping, just keep it neutral and comfortable. Clothes shopping without the hassle, within the hour.IMG_6013

Big meeting or just not in the mood, if you need any gadgets or gizmos, don’t be shocked, we’ve got it covered. Losing a charger is hard on anybody, relieve the pain by just Jinning it (we can be a verb too).


Too much to take in? Luckily, we’ve recently launched categories, so now it’s even easier to choose what you need.


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