Where The Wild Flowers Are

Valentines, the day we live to love or love to loathe, either way, we can’t ignore its existence. Especially if a loved one is involved. We’ve decided to make things absolutely hassle free for you. We’ve curated a list of Valentine’s Day places that you can order on demand and get it delivered within the hour. Did we also mention the FREE delivery for this week? Yes, for all of the below, you don’t have to pay a dime (or pound) towards delivery.

It’s for love guys. 


Wild Things Flowers

Awe inspiring flowers that your eyes won’t stop looking at. These arrangements are a wonderment and will make any lover melt.

Jeff De Bruges

One taste and they’ll be in chocolate heaven, each bite is created with such precision and thought, they’ll taste the effort put into this one.

Red Velvet

Primrose Bakery

Because when you say you love them, you say it with sweets. Red Velvet is always popular, but try some alternatives from Primrose, you’ll be surprised.

caffe concerto_tn

Caffe Concerto

This goes without saying, Caffe Concerto is the Uber of romance. One bite of a dish and you’re in love. An absolute gem for Valentine’s.


Beni Shoga

Instead of booking, travelling, queuing and generally getting hassled, enjoy a wonderful night in with Beni Shoga’s sushi. Finesse, fine dining, but in the comfort of your own home.

That’s not all, we’re also offering free delivery on the following places: Crosstown, Anna Casa, Ben’s Cookies, SelfridgesHarrods, and Harvey Nichols. Really, Valentine’s can’t get any easier.

Win a stunning hamper by The East India Company by entering our Facebook competition!

Happy Love Day Guys!


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