Kebabs Made Good

Part of the glory of working at Jinn is discovering restaurants that change the way you eat. One of these beauties is Chifafa. The oil-less kebab. The kebab that is trying to revolutionize the way we think, eat and stereotype them. The kebab that is trying to prove it is as healthy as you dream a kebab to be.

Are they pulling our leg? How is that possible?


Natural, local, seasonal ingredients wrapped in a non-fried souvlaki wrap that is fit for royalty.

It’s seasoned remarkably, they’ve chosen their dishes with pure flavour in mind, and they execute them without a flaw. Seriously, these bad boys are epic for an in-office lunch, or a healthy dinner.

falafel kebab_

I bet you’ve all heard of the new craze of healthy kebabs, but we’ve never taken the time to appreciate how much effort goes into creating one. Rice boxes, wraps, salads and dips, you crave little else after taking a bite.

lamb - rice boxe

If you can’t stop the drool (we understand), just Jinn it. There is no limit. If you live in London, you can order via Jinn and get your Chifafa to your door within 40 minutes. Yes, that means you North/ East/ South/ West Londoners!

hommous with bread

Their mission is admirable: to save the kebabs reputation in the UK. There are no short-cuts, they even oppose foam containers, these guys are all about nutrition and using food as a way to optimize health.





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