London Beer *Hiccup* Week

What day is it again? We have no idea, but we know what week it is. It’s London Beer Week and we’re going to rinse it dry… figuratively.

Have you recently opened your fridges and cupboards to scout for a nice cold stout? Have you been left disappointed afterwards, because yes, you actually forgot?

It’s alright, nobody’s judging. In fact, we’re here to help you out. You may have noticed The Beer Store in our app. Think of it like your beer fridge, with little wait time. Just in case you were feeling bad about all the beer you’re about to drink, we’ve compiled a guilt-free fact card!

Some health benefits of beer include: 

Italian researchers have found moderate beer drinking lowers your risk of heart disease by 42 percent, compared to non-drinkers. Be wary, one pint a day is more than enough to keep you ticking.

Dutch researchers have found that consuming beer lowers your chances of getting type-2 diabetes! But stick to one or two beers a night as overdoing it won’t make much of a difference.

Spanish researchers have found that beer is more hydrating than water and allows you to recover faster!

Canadian researchers found that one beer a day decreases cataracts from forming in the eyes. But! Be careful, more than three and you’ll have the opposite effect.

So invite your friends

giphy (7)

Invite your family

giphy (8)

Invite your pets (but don’t let them drink!)

giphy (9)

And take advantage of this week, it’s basically a carte blanche to have beer for breakfast.

But please, remember to drink responsibly! 



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