How High Are The Steaks

It’s a month after Valentine’s Day and we’d like to celebrate with a good old steak. Maybe a little mash, possibly fries, potentially a heap spoonful of creamy spinach. Who knows? It’s steak. Anything goes with steak. Anything is possible today.

So no matter your dietary preference, indulge today/ tonight with a selection of our favourite steaks:

Can you go wrong with Argentinian beef? No, you can’t. South America have the best cows. Fact. That’s why Moo Cantina is first on the list.


Market, because look at that fantastic glaze, isn’t it impressive? Now imagine digging into that on a Monday night right on your sofa.


Care for a nice Succulent Sirloin? We think so. Eaton Square has it going on. 21 day dry aged meat. Oh yes.

10 oz Sirloin & Roast Potatoes

So there you have it, a list of potential dinner partners to sink your teeth into. Enjoy your 14th of March.




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