Happy Chocolate Week

Yes, the globe has completed an angled spin of 23.5 degrees for 365 days and brought us back here. To Easter. The forever loved holiday of pure decadence. Well, if we don’t count Christmas. 

It’s the time for food, friends and family, four days in the comfort of home. After a harsh winter, this year’s Easter is more than needed. The weather, however, hasn’t been as forgiving as March promised, this is why we’re bringing you that same comfort and decadence you’d experience, but to your door.

Happy Easter from our beautiful partners:

Jeff De Bruges is going all out this Easter, check out their Easter collection and indulge! Stunning edible Easter sculptures.

Little Hen

Primrose Bakery is the obvious choice when it comes to delicious desserts, so it only makes sense on this beautiful holiday that we embrace all Primrose has to offer.

mars bar crispy

If you’re feeling a break from the traditional Easter roast and egg hunt, Beni Shoga is sure to look after you. After all, you won’t be straying too far from the norm.

Seabass Sashimi

Market, screams Easter doesn’t it? Even if you don’t think so, their dishes are sublime. Simple but flavours that can walk for miles on your buds.

sirloin steak

Kensington Creperie, because sometimes a chocolate egg won’t do. Sometimes you need ample amounts of chocolate wrapped in a carefully created crepe.


How does that all sound? Well, let’s go one step better. We’ll make the above free delivery. It’s Easter after all.

Go on, get!

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