Happy Post Chocolate Week!

So Easter is over, the bunny came and we harvested its eggs. There’s not much left to say, apart from *rolls over* “We ate way too much chocolate”.

Yes, we were prepared for this, that’s why we curated the below list. By the way, if you’re feeling guilty for stuffing your face with delicious brown goodness, please don’t. That’s the unhealthy attitude. Not the chocolate. Embrace the good times it gave you. It’s not our fault Jeff De Bruges created little brown shells of heaven.

Let’s kickstart your healthy lifestyle with the following epic places:

Grill Market: Choose from sandwiches to salads and relish in the immense flavour they add to all they create.

giphy (5)

Funky Juice: Spinachberries, cucumbers, all blended into tasty, nutritional bottles of funk.

giphy (1)

Lab Organic: Mylks, tonics, juices, smoothies, they have it all. Even salads. We recommend this beauty for the first week.

giphy (6)

Hally’sGracing us from California, Hally’s embraces the food trends of 2016. Cali has always been a front runner on health trends and lucky for us, they’re on Jinn.

giphy (3)

DinDin Kitchen: Courgette falafels, lentil salads and small yet filling lunch pots. When you’re feeling adventerous but want to stay on your healthy lifestyle, Din Din is the place.

giphy (7)

Yuhoki: Sushi, you genuinely can’t go wrong with sushi. Fish, rice, vinegar, and veg. Yuhoki do it well, truly a favourite amongst foodies in Canary Wharf.

Note: Only CW residents are lucky enough to order Yuhoki

giphy (4)

So go on, eat your veg because the world has spent precious time fertilising the soil. Savour the natural flavours that are worth so much more than processed, truly understand the value of natural ingredients and all they have to offer. Thank you World.

giphy (2)

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