Just Jinn: Crosstown Doughnuts

It may be Coffee Week, but we’re all about the doughnuts.

We’re beyond excited to let you all know, Crosstown is giving the milk away for free! By milk we actually mean six originally glazed doughnut rings. That’s right! Once you purchase a Favourites Dozen via Jinn, you’ll get a box of those bad boys free.

Note: If they run out of original, you may get substitutes, which is never a bad thing. Only one free box per dozen box ordered.

From today (4th April) until Sunday (10th April), when you order Crosstown via Jinn, you’ll get it to your door… for free. Yes, we’re also offering free delivery for this week.

What can we say, when we think of coffee, we think of doughnuts, and when we think of doughnuts, we think of Crosstown‘s epic handmade rings of deliciousness.

We’ve even made a Gif to better illustrate our point. You know what they say, a graphics interchange format speaks 1000 words.

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