Songkran: Thai New Year

It’s time to open your umbrellas, Songkran’s in town. The splashing of water will commence from Wednesday and carry on through the weekend. For those who are unfamiliar with Songkran, it’s Thai New Year. As we’re oh so very proud of our Thai partners, we’ve decided to offer free delivery during Songkran. Below, you’ll find a list of Thai restaurants that’ll transport you to Chiang Mai.


Jane Tira

If you’re in love with street Thai, you’re in luck. Jane Tira specialises in homemade Thai street food… and they are delicious.



Colours, flavours, celebrations all in one place. Contemporary Thai food with authentic flavours. They’ve been around for over 25 years mastering the art of Thai cooking.


Suda Thai

Share the love, share the food. Suda Thai is the Queen of togetherness. The menu is filled with classics, with some twists on a few favourites. Perfect for ordering in with friends and family.


Thai Thai 

Authentically cooked Thai food by highly skilled and talented Thai chefs. We highly recommend their Pad Thai and any of their curries.

As it’s traditional to spray water during the New Year, here:

giphy (2)

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