Come Rain Or Shine

We’re going through quite a confusing period. Heatwave, thunderstorms, and… both?

Definitely didn’t understand Tuesdays weather.

In London, it’s tricky. The weather could turn in a millisecond and all you’re left with is your strapped tank top in the centre of the City.

Here at Jinn, we aren’t strangers to the complications. One moment our hair is wonderfully straight, and the next, perm. One moment our faces are sweating, the next, there’s rain dripping from our chins.

You get the point.

We wanted to compile a list of wonderful meals that you can enjoy, no matter the weather. No seriously. You can eat it on your sofa, or if London is so kind, your garden:


You can’t go wrong with sushi – no matter the season. Its perfect blend of fresh and comfort make it a go to meal in front of the TV or on a park bench.

3 (1)


You have hot dogs anywhere. At firework displays in November, at BBQ’s in June. They’re tasty, they’re easy to eat, they’re not heavy and you can spruce them up how you feel. Or… leave that to Hungerdogs. They’re pros.

Ahuaca Mulli beef

Hobson’s Fish & Chips

Whether you’re on a Brighton beach peak Summer or in the comfort of home dead smack in the middle of Winter, fish and chips offer a nice blend between flakey light fish and comfort batter and chips. If balance is what you’re looking for… you’ve come to the right plaice.

Fish Mains - Cod Matzo

Dragonfly Cafe

When describing food for all weathers, it’s not a stretch to mention Vietnamese cuisine. The mix of fresh vegetables, and warm rice/ protein allow for a truly balanced meal. Not to mention healthy as all heaven.

bun tom sa-verm-7

So, come rain or shine – eat good food. Simply.


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