Just Jinn: Melt Room

You may or may not have heard of the legend that is a grilled cheese toastie.

If you haven’t, here’s a brief history of the epic sandwich:

Cheese and bread have always been a staple, but the actual toastie itself was birthed in the 1920’s when cheese and bread were easily accessible. The two ingredients used became popular during the Great Depression – filling and delicious, it was no surprise people took it as a comfort.

As it grew in popularity, so did the different varieties, hence the crazy toasties you can find across the world today. Cheese and bread – The pillar.

Enter Melt Room:

A selection of oozing toasties for all to enjoy. Whether you prefer the original or like a mini twist, Melt Room has you covered.

They’ve taken a classic, and made 10 others. Yes there is a twist to each toastie, but they’re all good enough to stand alone.

Their most recent addition is their rainbow melt, the epic taste of the original adapted with the rainbow trend that has spread all over the world.

In some cases, it’s like the burger you never had but always wanted. A crispy, crunchy, cheesey, oozy, pickley, meaty beast.

And if the main attraction didn’t entice you enough, they have three variations of fries that ooze for miles. Original, truffle, cheese, and, wait for it, truffle cheese fries.

Yes. We know.

And in keeping with delicious tradition, they serves wonderful desserts for afters. Or befores.

There is your introduction to Melt Room, one of the best places in London at the moment. Kills the myth that one dish wonders are boring.

Check out our new exclusive to Jinn epic melt:





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