A Taste of Europe: Celebrating Our Diversity

It’s no coincidence that Jinn started out delivering in London. The capital boasts one of the busiest and most vibrant food scenes in the world, and we’re proud to reflect that diversity in the list of restaurants and outlets that we serve.

So, to celebrate the contribution that European culture has made on our cuisine, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite European eateries. Tuck in!

 The Kensington Crêperie

We know that Monday mornings are, as the French would say… crêpe.

And, after this weekend’s Pride celebrations (and Brexit sorrow-drownings), we’re probably all feeling a little more worse-for-wear than usual.

One solution to disguise the hangover: don a fabulous pair of oversized sunglasses, deck yourself in all-black and, if anyone asks, say that you’re going for Parisian chic, darling.

To complete the look, you’ll need one of these delicious crêpes from Kensington Crêperie. Whether you’re craving something sweet and indulgent, savoury and filling, or just a plain one with lots of melted cheese (yes, we’ve been there), whatever you need they’ve got, and we’ll be sure to deliver.

As an added bonus, they also have a rainbow-coloured range of healthy smoothies, perfect for a Monday morning pick-me-up. The weekend may be over, but you can still stay fabulous, even in your detox.

peach melba

Casa Manolo

Here at Jinn HQ, our Spanish CEO informs us that the Mediterranean coast is particularly beautiful this time of year. Unfortunately, we’re far too busy to take a holiday… And if you can’t spare the time either, then the only alternative is delicious Spanish cuisine from Caso Manolo. It may not be the beach, but we do deliver to your door and you won’t get sand in your toes.

We recommend Casa Manolo’s beautiful bowl of seafood paella. The dish is said to have originated in sunny Valencia – and we love how the glowing yellow of their hearty version transports us there.

It says it’s ‘for two’ on the menu, but if you happen to be home alone this evening, then don’t worry: we won’t tell.

Traditional - Paella

Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro

For a taste of ‘la dolce vita’, look no further than Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro. The restaurant’s charismatic proprietor, Ciro, has been pleasing customers since 1978 with the greatest stone-baked pizza in the capital. Plus all of their pizzas can be ordered with a gluten-free base!

You’ll be in good company too. Ciro has a pretty glamorous list of clients: model and actress Keira Knightley; film star and producer Leonardo DiCaprio; and not forgetting global economy-wrecker, and potential Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.


The Athenian

When it comes to Greek on the go, we’re crazy for The Athenian’s first-class range of street food.

Our favourite is the halloumi souvlaki: a bouquet of crispy fries, grilled halloumi and fresh salad, wrapped in Greek flatbread.

It’s like the cheesy chip sandwich you guiltily bought walking back from your Saturday night out. Only this time, it’s much healthier, tastes even better, and doesn’t come with a side order of regret. Most importantly, if you want to, you can double up on your halloumi. And you’ll probably want to, because cheese = joy.

Peace in ✌

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