Just Jinn: Sainsbury’s

We’re always here to lend a hand,

Whatever you wish is our command:

And now, in circumstances unplanned,

You can order from Sainsbury’s on demand!

Yeah, you heard right. As you know, our business is to serve; there’s virtually nothing we can’t bring to your door. And the best part is, we can grab your essentials any time you need them, day or night.

Mid-shower without shampoo? #JustJinnIt from Sainsbury’s


Baking disaster? Just order fresh ingredients from Sainsbury’s with Jinn


Heavy night? Add bacon, coconut water and multivitamins to your shopping list. Jinn will bring it all to your door.


Just close your eyes and wish for it — then open your eyes, open our app and tell our genies to get it from Sainsbury’s.


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