Four Autumn Fashion Essentials

With the end of October, Summer weather seemed to leave us so quickly, we barely finished saying goodbye to T-shirts and sandals.

If you think you’ve only got shorter days, cold nights to look forward to, fear not! Autumn fashion is here.


There’s something special about London in Autumn and getting all wrapped up in polo necks and different coloured trench coats.


Snuggle up in warm knitwear like this soft cashmere number from Zara. The Autumn alternative for the little black dress, it’s perfect on any occasion. 


Urban outfitters has your coat needs covered with a practical yet stylish bomber parka, that’s sure to keep out icy wind and London drizzle.


When that’s not enough, we all know it’s time to cosy up in a large wooly scarf. We love this wooly one from H&M that makes you want to curl up in it like a cat zzz….


Another great thing about Autumn is it’s finally boot season again. Before you start browsing elegant boots that cost half your rent, take a look at Primark’s collection. Being on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style.




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