Food Trends 2017

We’re close to the end of the year and thought it was the perfect time to reveal the new food trends of 2017. It’s been a crazy year for food, from vegan cheeses being available at Sainsbury’s, to conflicting reports regarding meat consumption, it’s all been quite entertaining. Before we reveal next years trends, we thought we’d recap 2016’s.

With our news feeds inundated with Donald Trump and other disasters, it’s commendable to believe we had time to google other subjects, well done to “fermented foods” and “wakame” for coming out on top in comparison to the rest of the food predictions. Not so secretly, we were happy canned wine didn’t really take off.

Now for next year, 2017, the year we’ve all been waiting for since 2016 began. Here’s the rundown:


It’s no secret that purple coloured foods (the natural kind) are antioxidants and are deemed far greater than other veggies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The perks of these purple beauties are endless (healthy heart, cancer preventative, good for your liver, etc.) so we’re ecstatic these made the list (thanks Whole Foods).

Year after year we’re seeing an increase of foods that help a healthy lifestyle, how can you not have faith in humanity after that?


The most realistic diet that anyone can follow, at the same time we’re also saving our planet and improving our health. Flexitarianism allows you to eat anything you like, whilst keeping a predominantly vegetarian diet. Although it may seem like a ridiculous name, it’s also the most sane. If you’re trying to change the world, a one size diet doesn’t fit all, after all, we’re stubborn creatures.


Do you follow foodies on Instagram? Well, those foodies follow other foodies, and sometimes, in the explore section, you’ll get remnants of trends from across the globe. Most recently, we’ve noticed sushi burritos, sushi doughnuts, big fluffy pancake like cakes that you can happily dive into and live. We’re so happy to see a greater Japanese influence on ingredients and restaurants across the country.


Probiotic yogurts made from leftover whey. Waste not, want not. Save the planet. This one is a necessity.


Coconut – everything

Coconut “will be used to make sugar, beauty products, and its white flesh will be more commonly found in flours, tortillas, chips, ice creams, butters, and more.”


Wellness tonics

Not sure why we’re only now realising that tumeric is magic… well, better late than never. They’re around right now, but with more and more people understanding the health benefits of different ingredients, these are going to make a splash.


Non-wheat pasta

Pasta made from lentils and chickpeas will be a thing. Well, they’re a thing right now, they’ll just be a bigger thing.


Needless to say, 2017 will be the easiest year to stay healthy, so far. Bring it on.

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