Recover From The Festive Season With Detox Juices

2017 is finally here and as we’re sat at our desks, still hungover from last week, we collectively vow never to ingest alcohol ever again… well, at least until February. We know we’re not alone in this endeavour, and we’re welcoming company. Jump on the dry January train with us. Choo choo, all the way to detox town.

We’ve made a list of our favourite partner merchants offering just what we need to survive this month, and maybe even fulfil our resolution to genuinely have a healthier year/life:



Just what it says on the tin, or in their name. Raw, healthy, plant-based menu items. Including ridiculously tasty juices. Our favourite, and arguably one of the healthiest on the menu is “Liquid Gold”. It’s filled to the brim with: Turmeric, Ginger, Sea Buckthorn Juice, Neroli Hydrosol, Turmeric+, Alkaline Water (pH 8.5). Try feeling crappy after ingesting that. We dare you.


Roots Juicery

After consuming a lot of alcohol, the body tends to lean more on the acidic side of the ph scale. There are a whole host of ways to balance your body’s ph levels, one of the best being, consuming your greens. Roots Juicery make a mean green smoothie hilariously named, Chloro Fill.


Funky Juice

Hard To Beet, wow, juicery’s really know how to make healthy eating (drinking) fun. Beetroot is the one this year, it falls inline with the trends to eat/ drink purple fruits/ vegetables. So get sipping.


Fresh Soho

The Hawaiian Dream from Fresh Soho is the best juice on the list that simulates alcohol. Tastes just like a Pina Colada, and it helps with the nostalgia of Summer. It’ll be here soon. And then we’ll get to have a real one. On a beach… *books ticket 6 months early*.


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