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We all know that the stomach is the way to one’s heart, and Wok To Walk is a physical and edible embodiment of such a statement. With countless possible combinations (including vegan/vegetarian options), Wok To Walk caters to every person on the Asian-food-loving spectrum. Whether you’re a noodle-bar aficionado, or somewhat shy to the exotic palate, they’ve got you covered!

You create your perfect stir-fry with a simple 3-step-menu. Choose your base from a selection of noodles, rice or veggies, followed by adding your favourite toppings. Finally, you choose the sauce you’d like your custom Wok to be cooked in, and you’re ready to go! (Or, you know, walk…)



Wok To Walk is the perfect takeaway option for those who are craving the ultimate level of comfort-food, without the health concerns. Each restaurant offers healthy take-away food, including vegan dishes, vegetarian fast food options and light, low carb food. All of it is MSG free!

The foodies of social media aren’t shy to shout about it from the rooftops, either:

Fancy the Wok without the Walk? Jinn makes it possible for you to order your Wok To Walk takeaway and have it delivered straight into your hands. You can order for delivery at your own convenience through the Jinn app or website.


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We recommend:
Wok To Walk: Goodge Street, London

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