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You’ve probably seen Simit Sarayi stores scattered all across central London, but have you ever taken a peek at the mouth-watering goodies inside? If you haven’t, you don’t need to miss out anymore. Jinn paid Simit Sarayi a visit (our stomachs were grumbling the whole time), and we captured the best of this lovely Turkish bakery, just for you!

Simit Sarayi opened its first store in Turkey in 2002, and their desire was to serve fresh bagels anytime of the day. In time, the love of their customers spread to the whole country, and eventually crossed all borders and spread across the world. The most important ingredient in every baked good from Simit Sarayi is friendship, and that alongside the loving and welcoming atmosphere within every store is what keeps nearly 650,000 guests coming back, worldwide.


Fans of Simit Sarayi can’t keep their hands off sharing on social media, either:

If you have never let yourself indulge in these traditional Turkish flavours, you need to do yourself a favour and pop into your local Simit Sarayi. Your palate and your heart will thank you for it. After all, it’s common knowledge that treats are for the heart, not the stomach (although we guarantee that your stomach will be more than happy to participate).

If you’re busy, tired or not in walking-distance from a Simit Sarayi store, we can bring the traditional Turkish flavours straight to you! Place an order via the Jinn app or website and one of our speedy couriers will deliver it all!


We recommend:
Simit Sarayi – 68 Oxford Street

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